ECW's 25 most must-see matches

Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk: Hardcore Heaven 1994 (Aug. 13, 1994)

“ECW was unique because the fans were as much a part of the show as any of the wrestlers or myself or the ring announcer,” Joey Styles said of the rowdy Philly fans who piled into the ECW Arena once a month. “In this case, I believe it was Terry Funk who called for a chair, so a fan tossed him a chair. Well, all hell broke loose. The next thing you know there had to be at least 100 chairs thrown into the ring. You go back and watch it and one of them smacks Terry Funk in the back of the head. Luckily, the chair had turned in the air and it was the flat side. Had it come in perpendicular to Terry’s head, this would not be a fun story. It was just wild.”