DX tells all on their invasion of WCW Monday Nitro

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May 01, 2013

On April 27, 1998, Triple H, X-Pac, Chyna and The New Age Outlaws of D-Generation X hopped onto a tank and drove from Hampton, Va., where Raw was taking place, to nearby Norfolk, where WCW’s Monday Nitro was being broadcast.

While the image of DX riding an assault vehicle through the otherwise normal Virginia streets was entertaining television in its own right, the fact that they stormed into WCW’s backyard and trashed them at their own arena was a game changer. There was no love lost between WWE and WCW in the infamous Monday Night War. From WWE titles being dumped in the garbage on Nitro to Eric Bischoff giving away the results of taped Raw matches on the air, WCW did all it could to undermine WWE in the eyes of fans.

But with one act of brazen defiance, DX made itself the focus of the wrestling world. Triple H and his crew had, almost literally, fired back at WCW. But how did this historic tank ride come to be? To get the true story behind DX’s invasion of Monday Nitro, WWEClassics.com went to the rebels themselves, along with the production crew who helped make it happen and the WCW stars whose turf they rode onto. Are you ready?

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Triple H: WCW had this mentality, where they wanted to attack us, but it wasn’t about them doing well, it was about us doing bad. If we booked Hampton, they’d be 20 minutes down the road at the Scope [in Norfolk]. Mr. McMahon was pissed. This was the fifth time it happened.

Vince Russo (former WWE producer): We were getting killed at the time.

Triple H: I said, “I want to drive a tank down there.” We kept talking and there was this pause. Vince Russo said, “Is that something we could do?” That’s how it started.

Russo: I’ll never forget it. I’m sitting at my desk and I’m thinking to myself, “You know what, I’m just going to write down, for the hell of it, ‘DX drives a rocket launcher right up to the building.’ ”

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