D.T.A.: 15 Superstars You Can't Trust

#15 The Miz

Let there be no doubt that The Miz is a toxic Superstar who's as capable of achieving great success as he is at tarnishing the good name of any Superstar who dares team with him. (You'd think somebody who came to fame as a member of MTV’s “The Real World” would have a better idea of how to be part of an ensemble.)

The Awesome One has attacked former tag partners R-Truth and John Morrison from behind, tried to sabotage Daniel Bryan's run on WWE NXT season one and — for reasons that were questionable, at best — fired his VP of Corporate Communications, Alex Riley.

That's a pretty staggering record to have amassed over a few years' time. In his two most recent tag teams, Miz & Morrison and The Awesome Truth, it was The Miz who fired the first salvo that ultimately destroyed the units. (We're not blaming The Miz for breaking up his Unified WWE Tag Team Championship partnership with Big Show, even though one could argue that had it not been for The Miz losing the championship fall to The Hart Dynasty, Show might not have lashed out with the WMD.)

Even as a singles competitor, when he has seemingly no allegiances to maintain, The Miz can’t help but be untrustworthy. As The Miz’s second during The Awesome One’s WWE Title reign, A-Ry had proven himself to be a loyal corner man. Despite this, The Awesome One thought nothing of firing him for reasons that spoke more to The Miz’s flawed in-ring strategies than A-Ry’s support for his boss. And you can forget about trying to find anything redeeming about The Miz’s mentorship of WWE NXT season one rookie Daniel Bryan. From the start, The Awesome One made clear he had no intention of giving the then-still-humble Bryan a leg up on the competition.