Current meets classic: 7 modern takes on legendary Superstars

Big E Langston / Ron Simmons

Still in the formative stage of his career, Big E Langston has a long way to go before he proves that he’s in the same league as WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons. That being stated, it’s difficult to ignore the similarities between the former World Champion and the massive competitor who gave WWE Champion Randy Orton a run for his money.

Both Simmons and Langston are incredibly powerful. WCW’s first African-American World Champion was an All-American football player at Florida State University before playing professionally in the NFL, CFL and USFL during the 1980s. Langston’s pre-WWE accomplishments include multiple national and state powerlifting records. Such accolades could draw parallels to Mark Henry, though Langston’s raw athleticism, speed and ability to use his size is undeniably similar to Simmons.

In addition, the arsenal of maneuvers possessed by both the WWE Hall of Famer and Big E Langston consist of high-impact, fast strikes, and their respective signature moves – Simmons’ Dominator and Langston’s Big Ending – are equally as devastating. – KEVIN POWERS