WWE's 25 most absurd Superstars

#25 The Red Rooster

Urban legend has it that Terry Taylor was nearly introduced to the WWE Universe as Mr. Perfect in 1988. Instead, the South Carolina native came strutting to the ring with a goofy mohawk and a pair of crimson trunks under the name The Red Rooster. Why Taylor — a gifted, articulate competitor with boundless promise — was made to cluck like a chicken is hard to figure, but it didn’t do much for his confidence. After struggling under the guidance of Bobby Heenan, The Rooster was plucked by The Brain and deep-fried by The Brooklyn Brawler. A change of heart was meant to revitalize the birdman’s career, but few in the WWE Universe were willing to count themselves among the legion of fans he’d dubbed his “Rooster Boosters.” (WATCH THE RED ROOSTER BATTLE BOBBY HEENAN)