WWE's 25 most absurd Superstars

#13 The Stalker

In 1996, a new Superstar came to WWE with the intent to strike fear in his opponents by studying them and their loved ones. OK, it was creepier than that. He flat-out stalked them. Introduced to the WWE Universe through a series of vignettes that saw the camouflaged competitor suddenly emerge from a dense forest, The Stalker looked like he would have done well in a game of paintball. As for WWE rings? That’s another story. Quizzically heading to the squared circle in full green and black camouflage, The Stalker may have thought he was disappearing before his opponent’s eyes, but his absurd appearance made him hard to miss. The man who was billed as hailing from “The Environment” eventually retreated back to his well-stocked bunker in the woods, where he continues to await the zombie apocalypse. (WATCH THE STALKER'S WARNING TO WWE SUPERSTARS)