The wicked witches of WWE

#10 Bull Nakano

As Alundra Blazye emerged as the figurehead of a revamped WWE women’s division in the early ’90s, she found her perfect rival in a bruiser from Japan known as Bull Nakano. The type of physical, hardknock baddie who turned ladies wrestling into a national phenomenon in her native Japan, Nakano possessed the in-ring knowhow and standout look — with her “Bride of Frankenstein” hair and electric face paint — to bring necessary attention to female competition.

See Bull Nakano battling Alundra Blayze

Juxtaposed against the imposing, demented Nakano, the smiling Blayze immediately became a sympathetic figure to the WWE Universe who hated to see an all-American girl get torn to shreds by a sadistic outsider. No matter the reaction, the former Women’s Champion was unforgiving against her rival, locking in wrenching submission holds while tearing at Alundra’s flesh with her sharpened fingernails. Nakano’s stint in WWE was brief — barely a year — but the impression she left as a demonic adversary has barely faded.