Who would yesterday's managers manage today?

Slick: Brodus Clay

He was flamboyant to a fault, and he knew it. But once the WWE Universe got to see what Slick brought to the table, they found that beneath the guise of the self-proclaimed “Doctor of Style” was a theory that bigger was better. Although he guided many Superstars to victory, Slick’s greatest managerial success was when he combined the forces of The Big Boss Man and Akeem to form the tag team The Twin Towers. Individually they got the job done, but collectively they were a very impressive duo, battling the likes of The Mega Powers — Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.


Knowing how Slick was able to get the best out of the big men, it seems only logical that he would manage Brodus Clay. The Funkasaurus has all of the attributes that are right up Slickster’s alley, and plenty of positive damage could be done with a merger of style and funk between these two.