What a maneuver! But who did it better?

Razor’s Edge vs. High Cross

The crucifix powerbomb is a maneuver that requires strength, balance and speed executed with pinpoint precision for maximum impact. Razor Ramon and Sheamus are two of the only Superstars in WWE history to truly master the proper execution of this crushing move.

Razor Ramon made The Razor’s Edge his trademark move in the early 1990s and continued to use it successfully in WCW, redubbed as The Outsider’s Edge. Ramon’s resilience often allowed him to wear down his opponent long enough to allow a little extra arrogance before executing the move.

Although Sheamus employs the High Cross, his Brogue Kick has become the most explosive maneuver in his arsenal. The Celtic Warrior’s execution of the move uses all of the elements required to make it successful, but Razor Ramon’s added style and use of it as his only finishing move gives him an edge.

Winner: Razor’s Edge