What a maneuver! But who did it better?

Boston Crab vs. Walls of Jericho

The Boston Crab is often considered to be a maneuver to weaken an opponent, rather than one that ends a contest. However, two Superstars have executed the move with such perfection that the devastating submission hold ultimately became their signature moves. Rick Martel and Chris Jericho are masters of the Boston Crab. They each know how to apply the right amount of pressure on their opponent’s lower backs and pull their legs with the correct amount of leverage to maximize effectiveness.

The Walls of Jericho, however, utilizes a specific variation of the submission hold. When the hold is applied, Jericho stands further back, elevating his opponent higher into the air, creating an added layer of pressure to the recipient’s back. In WCW and ECW, Jericho used another variation of the maneuver popularly known as "The Liontamer." He occasionally uses this version today, where he holds his opponent up even higher and pushes his knee into the back or the head. Between Martel and Jericho, the innovation and creativity the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla has brought to the submission hold makes him the true master.

Winner: Walls of Jericho