The wildest moments from Marvel's WCW comic

WCW’s stars rumble in a battle royal

In 1992, the comics industry was in the midst of a major change. WCW comics hit shelves shortly before the debut of Spawn and Image Comics, and at a time when it was difficult to compete with familiar heroes such as The X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman and Batman.

WCW comics were unique, though. The creators of the comic did not want to stray far from reality and instead followed the lead of WCW programming, simply bringing the action to a new, fun medium. Kicking off the first issue with a battle royal was the perfect way to introduce readers and non-wrestling fans to the competitors of WCW. It was clear who the fans loved and who they loathed and the allegiances of stars like Arn Anderson, Ron Simmons and The Steiner Brothers were defined and identifiable by their actions. Even overweight rapping wrestler PN News looked like a million bucks thanks to the sharp lines and bright colors of this chaotic scene.