WBF's wildest Bodystars!

Berry De Mey

Today, Berry De Mey is a renowned weightlifter and fitness specialist. In the late 1980s and early ’90s, the Dutch competitive bodybuilder impressed fans and judges with his impressive physique and Hollywood good looks. Known in bodybuilding circles as “The Flexing Dutchman,” De Mey let some of the more eccentric sides of his personality shine when he joined WBF in 1991.

One of his introductory videos on an episode of WBF Bodystars featured De Mey as a James Bond knock-off. However, when he competed at the WBF Championship, he and his entourage of lovely ladies chose towels for their wardrobe. Somewhere along the line De Mey transformed from international super-spy into Val Venis.

Nevertheless, De Mey placed third in the WBF Championship in 1991 and fifth in 1992, proving that a schizophrenic personality was second to a top-notch physique.