The Undertaker's 20 greatest rivals

#19 Kamala

After dealing with the devious Jake Roberts, The Undertaker had to put up with a different kind of adversary in the latter half of 1992. Dr. Harvey Wippleman had brought the Ugandan headhunter Kamala back to WWE and set the savage warrior loose on The Phenom.

While he may not have been as cerebral as “The Snake,” Kamala was every bit as dangerous in the ring. But The Undertaker soon figured out how to counter the brute strength of the Ugandan giant: with fear.

The Deadman often dispatched his faithful manager, Paul Bearer, to ringside following Kamala’s matches with a casket in tow. The ominous message sent the beast into a frightened frenzy that neither Wippleman nor his handler, Kim Chee, could control.

Kamala eventually had to face his fears and take on The Undertaker in the first-ever Casket Match at Survivor Series 1992. The terror was too much for him to overcome, though, as The Phenom hit a scared Kamala with Bearer’s urn, pinned him and rolled the savage into the coffin for the victory. — BOBBY MELOK