The Undertaker's 20 greatest rivals

#20 Ultimate Warrior

Once thought to be an unbreakable juggernaut, Ultimate Warrior began to show surprising signs of vulnerability when faced with the chilling presence of The Undertaker. On an unforgettable April 1991 edition of Paul Bearer’s “Funeral Parlor,” Warrior was attacked by The Deadman and locked inside an airtight casket. When WWE officials finally pried open the coffin with a crowbar and a sledgehammer, WWE fans were horrified to see Warrior’s lifeless body lying inside the shredded remains of the casket as he had torn the box apart in a desperate bid for oxygen.

Never the same Superstar after that night, Warrior turned to Jake Roberts to bring out his dark side. The dangerous “Snake” stuffed Warrior in a casket, made him dig his own grave and, finally, forced him into a crypt full of venomous snakes. But when the former WWE Champion was bitten by a cobra, it was revealed that Roberts had been working in collusion with The Deadman the entire time. Ultimate Warrior beat The Undertaker in a macabre Bodybag Match in Madison Square Garden in July 1991, but he never returned to his former glory after meeting The Demon from Death Valley. — RYAN MURPHY