Top 50 villains in wrestling history

#20 Edge

If seizing opportunities no matter the circumstances is a characteristic of a true villain, then no Superstar in history lives up to that principle more than Edge.

In 2005, Edge became the first Money in the Bank winner at WrestleMania 21, creating an opportunity that would define his career. At New Year's Revolution 2006, John Cena successfully defended the WWE Championship inside the unforgiving Elimination Chamber. Before the show ended, however, Edge cashed in his World Title contract and defeated an exhausted Cena to win the title.

In his quest to become legend, Edge stole Lita from his friend, Matt Hardy, and allied himself with villainous Superstars such as Randy Orton. He even engaged in a relationship with SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero for no other reason than to advance his own career. The Rated-R Superstar's cunning, unapologetic and opportunistic nature defined him as one of the most hated and brilliant villains in WWE history. — K.P.