Top 50 villains in wrestling history

#49 Randy Savage

Sure, “Macho Man” may now bring nostalgic smiles to the faces of the WWE Universe, but in his heyday, Randy Savage was the prime antagonist to WWE’s top heroes.

After debuting in WWE in 1985, Savage introduced the lovely Miss Elizabeth, but “Macho” often shielded his beautiful manager from the bright lights of stardom, much to the dismay of WWE fans. The unpredictable Superstar even accused Hulk Hogan of having “jealous eyes” for Elizabeth, and the two met in an iconic clash at WrestleMania V. Savage later donned the crown of “Macho King” and called on the devious Sherri to be his Queen. He targeted Ultimate Warrior with a series of heinous attacks, and the two battled in a Retirement Match at WrestleMania VII. “Macho” remained a villain during his days as a member of The nWo in WCW, and had a bitter rivalry against Diamond Dallas Page.

While Savage’s legacy left an indelible mark on the squared circle, was the “Macho Man” a macho villain? Oooh yeah. — ZACH LINDER