Top 50 villains in wrestling history

#50 Batista

Lex Luthor hated Superman because The Man of Steel became the savior of humanity and Metropolis, something Luthor strived for his entire life. That legendary comic book rivalry draws strong parallels to a WWE enmity between Batista and John Cena.

Although he broke out in WWE as the powerhouse of Evolution, Batista always despised being overshadowed. All of his villainous actions over the years came to light when he attacked John Cena to win the WWE Championship after Cena survived a grueling Elimination Chamber Match. Just as Superman became the savior of Metropolis, the Cenation leader had become the face of WWE — something that did not sit well with The Animal.

Finally, after years of questionable actions, Batista revealed his ultimate jealousy, believing he should be the face of WWE instead of Cena. Unfortunately for The Animal, he was unable to defeat Cena again and eventually tucked his tail and ran, quitting WWE altogether. — KEVIN POWERS