Top 50 villains in wrestling history

#40 Don Muraco

Don Muraco backed up everything he said he was going to do inside the squared circle — and what he did was not revered by the fans.

Hailing from Sunset Beach, Hawaii, The Magnificent One rode the waves into WWE in 1981 and proceeded to dethrone the beloved Pedro Morales as Intercontinental Champion. From there, the powerful Muraco had many memorable matches in WWE rings, punishing a long list of WWE Hall of Famers, including "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Tony Atlas and Hulk Hogan.

It was Muraco who trapped The Hulkster in the corner and allowed King Kong Bundy to splash Hogan until his ribs buckled. Worse yet, The Magnificent One once ate a meatball sandwich in the ring while abusing a local schmo. It was pure arrogance, but who besides the man WWE fans mocked as a “beach bum” could have pulled it off? — H.F.