Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#44 Pedro Morales

From the Puerto Rican island of Culebra came one of the greatest Hispanic performers that ever donned a pair of tights — Pedro Morales. A rugged, no-nonsense individual once the bell rang, Morales first gained prominence on the West Coast in the 1960’s before venturing east to continue his blossoming career. That career hit full bloom on Feb. 8, 1971, when Morales won the WWE Championship from Ivan Koloff. (WATCH FULL MATCH) His popularity soared, especially with the Latino fans that he represented so well.

In 1972, Morales battled challenger Bruno Sammartino to a curfew draw at New York’s Shea Stadium in what Morales said was the greatest match of his career.  And he also had the honor of becoming WWE’s first ever Triple Crown Champion, winning the WWE, Intercontinental, and World Tag Team Championships during his career. The WWE Hall of Famer valued the support he received from his fans, and proved time and time again that once the bell rang, he was ready for any kind of action. — HOWARD FINKEL