Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#45 Tommy Dreamer

I couldn’t write this piece about Tommy Dreamer objectively if I wanted to. I’ve known The “Extreme Original” for more than 20 years. Now that we are “grown-ups” (by our standards anyway), our wives and children are friends as well. I think my son has a crush on his twin daughters.

As a wrestler, Tommy’s persona always put what was morally right before what was right for him personally. This course of action did not garner Tommy a litany of championships, but it did earn him the respect, admiration, and loyalty of fans when he won the ECW Title that mattered most to him.

Frankly, anyone can play a selfless character in wrestling or Hollywood and actually be selfish. Tommy Dreamer was, and is, the same man you’ve been entertained by for more than 20 years. When the original ECW went bankrupt in 2001, Tommy went down with the ship, rather than board a WWE lifeboat full of money.

Tommy’s loyalty caused a temporary setback to his career, but I doubt he remembers that six month period. Tommy joined WWE as part of the ECW Invasion, then worked in WWE’s corporate offices in Talent Relations, then laced up his boots again for WWE’s necromancy of ECW. Tommy selflessly helped make Zack Ryder a star when he left WWE and always enjoyed helping younger wrestlers as his mentor Terry Funk had done with him in the original ECW. (WATCH)

Today, Tommy wrestles every weekend on independent events across North America, owns a wrestling school and is starting his own New York-based wrestling promotion. Whoever coined the phrase “nice guys finish last” probably finished behind Tommy Dreamer. — JOEY STYLES