Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#46 Danny Hodge

In the 1960s — long before cable television or pay-per-view — most of us only saw one locally produced hour of wrestling each week. The local star of my weekly program in Oklahoma was Danny Hodge. Hodge was a legit sports star in our part of the world because he was a three-time national amateur wrestling champion, who had never lost at Oklahoma University. Hodge was also the national Golden Gloves heavyweight boxing champion and was the first wrestler to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. Dan was a star on the sports pages long before he turned to professional wrestling, but remained a naturally modest and likable sportsman.

Hodge carried himself like a true champion, because he actually was one. His honest, humble demeanor came across organically to fans of all ages. Because of his amazing tendon strength, Hodge could smash apples and break pliers with his grip. It usually took only one handshake for anyone to discover that Danny Hodge was everything that he portrayed. — JIM ROSS