Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#48 Bob Armstrong

“My dad was a local hero,” The Road Dogg said of his legendary father, Bob Armstrong. A major star in Alabama and Georgia during the ’60s and ’70s, the WWE Hall of Famer’s “salt of the earth” appeal endeared him to Southern fans who favored substance over style. “He was one of them,” WWE official Scott Armstrong added. “He came from very humble beginnings and never hid that. He got up in the morning and had fried eggs and grits and gravy and did his thing.”

A champion not only to folks in Dixie, but to his four sons — Brian, Brad, Scott, and Steve — the blue collar "Bullet” had his boys behind him when he took on rivals like Roddy Piper (WATCH) and Bobby Duncum, who he battled in a 1973 gorefest in The Omni Coliseum. “My father had a white singlet on and it was stained red,” Road Dogg vividly remembered. “He had to go the hospital and have a blood transfusion, but my father won and we won a 1974 Cadillac.” — R.M.