Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#15 Andre the Giant

The wrestling industry has generated performers of all shapes and sizes through the years, but there was only one Andre the Giant. Known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, the 7-foot-4 native of Grenoble in the French Alps was immensely popular for the entirety of his career. No matter what corner of the globe he went to compete, the public followed.

Andre could be affable outside of the ring, but if rubbed the wrong way during a match, the big man would erupt into a menacing volcano, which more times than not spelled defeat for his opponent. The giant is best remembered today for the villainous stance he took against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III, but Andre spent most of his career as a fan-favorite, eliminating bad guys like Killer Khan, Blackjack Mulligan and Big John Studd in arenas around the world. (WATCH) Andre was immortalized in 1993 as being the very first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. — H.F.