Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#20 Mankind

We didn’t know it yet, but Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy won our hearts before he ever sacrificed his body for our entertainment. After competing in brutal matches in Japan, WCW and ECW, he finally arrived in WWE a battered and twisted man. But when WWE fans had the opportunity to gain insight into Mick’s personality through a series of interviews with Jim Ross, it began to humanize him to the WWE Universe.

By the time Mankind began challenging The Rock for the WWE Championship, Mick’s popularity had reached an outrageous zenith. And when he finally won that title on Raw, we lived vicariously through him. And Michael Cole told us why: “Mankind has achieved his dream, and the dream of everyone else who’s been told, ‘You can’t do it.’” (WATCH)

After reigning on three occasions as one of the most beloved WWE Champions in history, The Hardcore Legend attained status as a pop culture icon known equally for his self-deprecating humor as he is for landing on a bed of thumbtacks. — Z.L.