Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#25 Bobo Brazil

Dubbed the “Jackie Robinson of professional wrestling” due to the racial barriers he broke while competing in the ’50s and ’60s, Benton Harbor, Mich.’s Bobo Brazil did more for equality in the ring than perhaps any other grappler. Standing at a strapping 6-foot-7”, Brazil was one of the very first African-American wrestlers to garner great success in his chosen profession, and was constantly in demand by promoters nationwide.

He never had a flamboyant in-ring style, but when rivals like Abdullah the Butcher and The Original Sheik went into battle with Brazil, big Bobo gave them everything and then some. (WATCH) Brazil’s meal ticket to victory was the Coco Butt, and once he delivered it to his opponent, victory quickly followed. Always a fan fan-favorite, Brazil reaped the ultimate accolade in 1994, when the multi-time United States Champion was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. — H.F.