Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#26 The Road Warriors

At first, fans were terrified of Hawk & Animal. But as time went on, crowds began anticipating the Chicago natives coming in and destroying everything in their path. Eventually, the crowds began cheering the two massive, face-painted monsters in spiked shoulder pads who unleashed hell on the poor saps unlucky to be standing across from them.

Hawk warned everyone that The Road Warriors “snacked on danger and dined on death,” but some were still willing to step up to the tall task of taking on the muscular pair. Those brave souls usually ended up crumpled in a heap after feeling the tandem’s Doomsday Device finishing maneuver.

In addition to being the only team to hold the AWA, the NWA and the WWE World Tag Team Titles, The Road Warriors were so popular and so dominant that Dusty Rhodes hand-picked them to enter WarGames with him and Nikita Koloff against The Four Horsemen. (WATCH) The anything-goes mentality made the WWE Hall of Famers a perfect fit for “The Match Beyond.” — B.M.