Top 50 good guys in wrestling history

#42 Ivan Putski

The Superstar known as “Polish Power” will go down as one of the most popular competitors in WWE history. Hailing from Krakow, Poland, Ivan Putski joined the ranks of WWE in the mid-1970s. His bright smile and positive attitude immediately made him a fan-favorite.

Once the bell rang, however, there were no smiles. Putski’s muscular frame made it near impossible for opponents to lift him. While he wasn’t a master of mat wrestling, his pure power gave him the ability to throw foes around the ring with ease. (WATCH)

Putski finished off his opponents with a clubbing blow to the chest, named the Polish Hammer in tribute to his homeland. Though he was never a singles champion, he and Tito Santana silenced the loudmouth Valiant Brothers to capture the World Tag Team Titles in 1979. His unwavering popularity among the WWE Universe earned him a place in the WWE Hall of Fame. — B.M.