Top 30 ECW stars

#9 The Public Enemy

One of the first homegrown creations of the new-look “extreme” ECW in 1993, The Public Enemy duo of “Flyboy” Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge was emblematic of what set the Philly-based independent apart from the competition. Unglamorous almost to a fault, Rock & Grunge were gritty and contemporary, and in many ways they represented the bleak and aggressive outlook of inner-city America.

The team was never celebrated for its technical brilliance, but for whatever Rock & Grunge lacked in scientific skill, they more than made up for with tough-as-nails brawling ability. Wearing oversized sports jerseys and baggy athletic shorts, the four-time ECW Tag Team Champions brought table-breaking into the sports-entertainment vernacular. By the time they departed ECW in late 1995, P.E. had solidly won over the ECW faithful thanks to their freewheeling fights with The Gangstas, Dory & Terry Funk and Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck. — J.C.