Top 30 ECW stars

#19 Yoshihiro Tajiri

Yoshihiro Tajiri earned his reputation as “The Japanese Buzzsaw” long before he became a WWE Tag Team Champion. Honing his craft in both the lucha libre and Japanese style of competition, Tajiri first made an impact in ECW with an innovative moveset and manic mannerisms that drew comparisons to his legendary role model, The Great Muta. 

Although he wowed against opponents like Jerry Lynn and Little Guido, Tajiri’s most memorable rivalry was against Super Crazy. The hyper luchador and The Japanese Buzzsaw blew audiences away with an inventive series of rapid-paced matches that stole shows throughout 1999. Tajiri’s abilities earned him an opportunity to capture the ECW World Title, first against Tazz and later Justin Credible. He never captured the championship, but the Japanese standout did win the ECW Television Championship in 2000. — K.P.