Top 25 WWE managers

#24 Marlena

A good valet shouldn’t overshadow their Superstar — that’s a problem bombshells like Sable and Stacy Keibler too often had. Instead, they should complement their charge, bringing out the best in them without stealing the show. This is what Marlena did so well. Sultry, seductive and practically poured into her skintight golden gowns, the provocative valet was every bit as glamorous as the movie stars that obsessed her man, Goldust. But she was just as willing to push the envelope as The Bizarre One — chomping on a cigar while indulging ever inclination Goldust had. They were a controversial pairing, but they were also a sign of things to come. “Marlena coming into play really ushered in a different time in our industry,” Matt Striker said.