The 25 best Intercontinental Champions of all time

#25 Shelton Benjamin

Had it not been for the WWE Universe, who’s to say Shelton Benjamin would’ve ever won his first Intercontinental Championship, let alone be listed among the title’s all-time best champions? At Taboo Tuesday 2004, WWE fans voted for Benjamin to challenge then-titleholder Chris Jericho. (Benjamin won more than 37% of the votes, beating out the likes of Batista and Christian.)

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The University of Minnesota All-American made the most of that opportunity, besting Y2J and embarking on a seriously impressive eight-month reign — the longest Intercontinental Title run in roughly a decade. Benjamin would go on to win the title twice more during his WWE career, though it’s worth noting he relied on his mother feigning a medical event at ringside to distract officials and illegally blast Ric Flair to begin the second one.