Top 25 Dirty Deeds

#24 Team Lay-Cool starts a war of words

When Michelle McCool and Layla said they were going to make Mickie James’ life a living hell on SmackDown in late 2009, they weren’t kidding. After cutting up her ring gear with scissors and attacking her in the locker room, Team Lay-Cool did their worst on SmackDown in November of 2009 when they made a video that would permanently scar the southern belle. Creating their own version of the nursery rhyme “Old MacDonald,” the mean girls superimposed Mickie’s face on a swine and christened her “Piggie James.” Sticks and stones? Team Lay-Cool’s cutting words did more damage to James than a Singapore cane ever could. The former Divas Champion may have fought back, but Michelle and Layla’s bullying affected her so deeply that she was gone from WWE within months.