Top 25 Dirty Deeds

#25 Chris Jericho breaks into television

As a boy growing up in the frigid northern expanse of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Chris Jericho idolized Shawn Michaels. The fame, the good looks, the talent — Jericho wanted it all. So what led him to smash his hero’s face into the “Jeritron 5000” television screen live on Raw in September of 2008? If you believe the nefarious Superstar, it was retaliation — a justified act done in response to HBK faking an injury to beat Batista one month prior. In reality, it was envy. Despite years of success in the squared circle, Jericho knew he would never be able to achieve the greatness of his idol and in order to deal with these shortcomings he would annihilate Michaels. Y2J never did destroy the legend, but he came close — HBK suffered an eye injury that night that was so severe, he was almost forced to retire.