Top 10 top rope finishing maneuvers

#7 Shane McMahon’s Coast to Coast

There was a time when Rob Van Dam seemed like the only competitor with enough dexterity and mettle to execute what he originally dubbed his “Van Terminator.” Perhaps the most daring maneuver in RVD’s extremely daring arsenal, the wild move was performed with a victim downed in the corner of the ring. The ECW standout would then grab a steel chair, leap to an opposing turnbuckle and launch his body across the entire span of the squared circle before booting the chair into the poor guy’s mush.

It was a spectacular sight, but the human car crash became somehow more devastating when attempted by Shane McMahon. Lacking the athletic polish of RVD, Mr. McMahon’s only son performed what he called the “Coast to Coast” with a recklessness that was downright frightening to watch. It was never clear who had gotten the worst of it — Shane’s target or The Boy Wonder’s spine. But whenever the younger McMahon climbed the turnbuckles, it was impossible to look away.