Top 10 top rope finishing maneuvers

#8 Sin Cara’s Exploder

Sin Cara emerged in WWE with a reputation as the most spectacular flier that Mexican wrestling had seen in years — a serious distinction when you consider that practically every competitor in Mexico flies off the top rope. It was a mountain of hype for the masked man to live up to, but he proved how dazzling he could be when he executed this thrilling moonsault sideslam from the top rope.

Precipitously balancing himself alongside his opponent on the highest turnbuckle, Sin Cara’s inhuman athleticism allows him to grab his target and execute a backflip with the competitor in his control. When executed properly, the maneuver leads to guaranteed victory, but it is the definition of high-risk. Both Sin Cara and Dolph Ziggler nearly ended up in the hospital when the maneuver turned ugly at Money in the Bank 2012.