The greatest top-rope finishing maneuvers

#10 Vader's Vadersault

Credit for the innovation of the moonsault goes to Mando Guerrero, son of legendary Mexican wrestling villain Gory Guerrero and brother of WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. It was perfected by The Great Muta, a mysterious daredevil from the Far East. But the move was never as effective as it was in the arsenal of the mighty Vader.

Lugging around 450-pounds of bulk on a 6-foot-5 frame, The Rocky Mountain Mastodon was a former offensive center for the Los Angeles Rams who hit harder than probably any Superstar in sports-entertainment. His debilitating strikes were enough to stop any man, but the punishing monster also went airborne, heaving his massive body backward off the top rope in a move he dubbed the “Vadersault.” It was far from picture perfect — too often he landed awkwardly or flew sideways and askew — but the paralyzing collision at the end was all that mattered. No other moonsault was as devastating.