The 8 most ridiculous action figures ever made!

#7 "Wiseguyz" D-Generation X

D-Generation X was known for its juvenile antics and crude sense of humor. However, in 2000, JAKKS decided to release figures of Triple H, X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws in a boxed set that reimagined the hilarious degenerates as a group of gangsters from the '30s.

Dubbed “Wiseguyz,” the figures were actually well-made. Each Superstar’s face looked accurate and realistic, but they all had virtually the same body. The only difference was Road Dogg and X-Pac wore sport coats while Billy Gunn and Triple H did not.

This was a great set of action figures if you were looking for a set of henchmen for Batman to beat up, but in terms of recreating the action of WWE, the “Wiseguyz” weren’t too smart.