The 8 most ridiculous action figures ever made!

#8 "Power Slam WCW Wrestlers" Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman’s late ’90s run with WCW was a landmark event for celebrity crossovers in sports-entertainment. Still, while the NBA Hall of Famer’s in-ring action grabbed plenty of attention, his WCW action figure was all but ignored.

Released as part of the “Power Slam WCW Wrestlers” line in 2000, the figure hit shelves months after Rodman’s final WCW bout against Randy Savage at Road Wild in August 1999. By then, Rodman had shed his black and white nWo colors and outfitted himself in flashy trenchcoats and audacious fedoras, which kind of explains why this toy comes with a feathered pink cowboy hat. Odd accessories aside, it’s hard to mock the figure’s attention to detail. Rodman’s random assortment of tattoos — including fuzzy pink dice, a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a flaming ankh around his belly button — were all captured with perfect realism. But what kid was hoping to learn about "The Worm's" ink on Christmas morning?