The 50 greatest WWE Championship Matches ever!

#4 John Cena vs. CM Punk: Money in the Bank (July 17, 2011)

Following CM Punk’s “pipe bomb” on the June 27, 2011, edition of Raw, The Voice of the Voiceless faced John Cena for the WWE Championship on the night Punk’s WWE contract expired. The Straight Edge Superstar made his intentions clear — he would defeat Cena for the WWE Title and exit WWE with the championship.

The Second City Saint lived up to his promise and beat Cena in a stellar match in front of a wild hometown Chicago crowd. Mr. McMahon immediately ordered Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, but a well-timed kick by Punk to The Mexican Aristocrat put the kibosh on The Chairman’s plan.

With Mr. McMahon looking on helplessly, the new WWE Champion scaled the barricade, blew a kiss goodbye and disappeared into the Windy City night. With the title now in the hands of a non-contracted competitor, public fascination with the championship reached unprecedented heights. — K.P.

Watch Punk kiss WWE goodbye in this full-length match