The 50 greatest WWE Championship Matches ever!

#29 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle: Unforgiven (Sept. 23, 2001)

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Kurt Angle made his homecoming at Unforgiven 2001 in the hopes of unseating reigning WWE Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the leader of the invading WCW/ECW Alliance, and returning the title to WWE.

Austin steals Angle’s gold medals

The Superstars used their entire arsenals in the heated melee, from Angle locking Austin into a series of German suplexes to Austin piledriving the Olympian to the canvas. When The Texas Rattlesnake flipped Angle off to set up a deciding Stunner, though, the Olympic gold medalist grabbed his foot and forced him to submit with the ankle lock.

As Angle’s family and the WWE roster celebrated with the new champion, it was clear Angle and the WWE Title were both back home. — J.L.