The 50 greatest WWE Championship Matches ever!

#30 The Rock vs. Triple H: Judgment Day (May 21, 2000)

After years competing for the Intercontinental Title, The Rock and Triple H aimed for greater success and set their sights on the WWE Championship. A major chapter in their storied rivalry would be written at Judgment Day 2000 in a 60-Minute Iron Man Match featuring Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee.

Although an ally of The Game, HBK remained mostly neutral and allowed the WWE Championship to remain the focal point of the match. With the contest tied at five falls with less than five minutes left, Michaels was accidentally knocked out, allowing D-Generation X and the McMahons to interfere on Triple H’s behalf. But The Rock received an unexpected assist from The Undertaker, who returned from injury to a humongous ovation. Unfortunately for The Great One, The Phenom also attacked Triple H after Michaels recovered, leading HBK to disqualify The Rock and award the victory to The Game. — K.P. 

Relive this 60-minute marathon between Rock and The Game