The 50 coolest maneuvers of all time

#42 The Undertaker's Old School

It wasn’t always known as Old School. Back when The Undertaker first started walking along the top rope with his victim’s twisted arm locked in his hand, it was just a crazy, nameless move. Was it practical? Probably not. The Phenom put himself at risk for getting crotched or flung to the outside of the ring each time. Still, opponents were rarely able to stop The Deadman once he started his journey. Staring up at a 7-foot zombie who was somehow walking on air, they must have felt as horrified as Father Karras in “The Exorcist” when the little girl’s head started spinning. The Undertaker favored more punishing moves later in his career — Last Ride, Chokeslam and Hell's Gate chief among them — but none were as dramatic as Old School. — RYAN MURPHY

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