The 50 coolest maneuvers of all time

#3 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Stunner

During the Attitude Era, all it took was a simple kick to the gut to make it clear that mayhem was imminent. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin dispatched a generation of Superstars with his patented Stunner, and no maneuver has been as sudden, chaotic and vicious since.

“It was just so awesome, it was ridiculous,” John Cena told

What did the WWE Universe vote as the best Stunner ever?

What also made the Stunner so thrilling was The Texas Rattlesnake himself. The maneuver was so quintessentially Austin that no other Superstar has dared to attempt it since.

“It was immediate and rebellious,” Cena said. “It elicited anarchy and anyone could fall victim to it at any time. It was perfect.” — Z.L.