The 50 coolest maneuvers of all time

#28 Umaga's Samoan Drop

Some men in wrestling insist they are monsters, but there was no needless boasting from Umaga. He really was one. Still, The Samoan Bulldozer’s wildness didn’t mean he was uncontrolled. He executed maneuvers with a blazing accuracy, making his onslaught nearly impossible to escape. And his spectacularly painful Samoan Drop was without exception.

See Shawn Michaels feel the wrath of Umaga's Samoan Drop

From High Chief Peter Maivia to The Rock, any Superstar boasting Samoan heritage has utilized the eponymous attack, but none as impressively as Umaga. Most Samoan Drops require time for the victim to be hoisted on his opponent’s shoulders, but not when done by Umaga. The brutal Polynesian tossed his prey high in the air, and — with nowhere to go — they’d hardly have time to land before the 340 pounder was snapping backwards into the hard canvas. Umaga proved in one powerful instant that monsters are real. — Z.L.