The 50 coolest maneuvers of all time

#36 Cesaro's Very European Uppercut

Cesaro’s moveset is one of the most devastating — and, not to mention, most diverse — in all of sports-entertainment today. Perhaps the most deliberately impactful maneuver at his disposal, however, is the Very European Uppercut, a brutally blunt blow, delivered directly to the mush of an adversary.

See Cesaro blast Tyson Kidd with his uppercut

Executed (a particularly good word, that, as the move is akin to an execution) by heaving an opponent in the air, then taking him to dream street courtesy of a forearm to the face, the uppercut can turn a match around in an instant.

Painful as it is for the unfortunate soul on the receiving end, it also looks insanely cool. — ALEX GIANNINI