The 50 coolest maneuvers of all time

#36 Tazz's Tazzplex

ECW wasn’t just barbwire and flaming tables. For every cane-swinging Sandman, there was an expert grappler like Tazz. Brooklyn tough to the bone, Tazz brought judo expertise to ECW rings, but it was his innovative “Tazzplexes” that led him to be known as The Human Suplex Machine.

Watch Tazz put on a suplex clinic against Kurt Angle

Like a feral jungle cat, The One-Man Crime Spree would attack his opponents anyway he could. Locking his right forearm under his rival’s chin and his hooking his left arm under their armpit, Tazz would propel himself backwards and send his enemy soaring above his head. This wasn’t any ordinary suplex. This was a surefire way to end careers. Competitors as wide-ranging as Sabu and Kurt Angle experienced it first-hand as “just another victim.” No barbwire required. — Z.L.