The 50 best talkers in wrestling history

#50 Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner is proof that enunciation isn’t integral to being an effective speaker. Part Superstar Billy Graham, part Andrew Dice Clay, Big Poppa Pump serenaded audiences with uncouth rhymes, barking about his “peaks and freaks.” He talked trash with seeming impunity. All the while, “The Genetic Freak’s” redline intensity was so great that it trampled his speech, often to hilarious results.

Angry slurring aside, the former Michigan State All-American was “mesmermizing” for his unhinged quality. Steiner’s foul-mouthed, innuendo-packed jabber made Standards and Practices nervous. Nobody was sacrosanct. He’d launch into tirades against opponents, entire locker rooms, fans, management, and his criticisms were always cutting. Yet, Big Poppa Pump also found time to reference the Earth’s axial tilt and do math equations mid-interview. Whether he was making you laugh, making you angry or making you scratch your head, Steiner was always entertaining when he had a live mic in hand. — JOHN CLAPP