The 30 roughest brawlers in wrestling history

#29 Dick the Bruiser

You don’t become known as the “The World’s Most Dangerous Wrestler” by accident, and Dick the Bruiser proved he was as dangerous as they come. The only proof needed is the battle scars on his face.

See "The World's Most Dangerous Wrestler" in all of his glory

Forged on the midway alongside the tough-as-nails Green Bay Packers of the 1950s, the ruthless Bruiser combined an absolutely explosive brawling style with a complete and total disregard for the rules. This outrageous battler was so intense that he was once banned from competing in the state of New York for causing a riot in his very first match there.

On another occasion, legend has it he started a bar brawl with Detroit Lions great Alex Karras. This encounter would serve as a prelude to a legendary match between them that is widely regarded as one of the early frontrunners of hardcore wrestling.