The 30 roughest brawlers in wrestling history

#30 The Brooklyn Brawler

As hardnosed as a collision at home plate, The Brooklyn Brawler grappled his way through WWE in a torn New York Yankees shirt, a leather cap and all-American blue jeans. Despite having access to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan’s managerial talents, Brawler didn’t win many matches, but that’s what might have made this man from the County of Kings so special.

Watch The Brooklyn Brawler slug it out with Triple H

Brawler’s matches had more stomach-churning moments than a spin on Coney Island, N.Y.’s Cyclone, but don’t think his win-loss record damaged his reputation — you’d never want to run into Brawler on Flatbush Avenue or share a pie with him at Grimaldi’s.

Steve Lombardi was as tough as they come, and a victory over the Brawler meant a Superstar’s name was forever etched in history. While he may not have been in many main events, The Brooklyn Brawler will never be remembered as one of "dem bums."