The 25 greatest mic moments in wrestling history

#5 “I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth.” — Ric Flair on Nov. 13, 1987 in NWA

At Starrcade 1987, Ric Flair successfully defended the NWA Heavyweight Championship against Ron Garvin inside a steel cage. In the days before the historic event, however, The Nature Boy appeared on “World Championship Wrestling” to emphasize what separated him from everyone else.

While being interviewed by Tony Schiavone, Flair’s legendary intensity took over, and his confidence and ego took centerstage. Never shy about touting his ample talent, good looks and expensive wardrobe, The Nature Boy revealed in this rant that he’s had it all since birth. After all, he was “born with a golden spoon in my mouth!” Credited as the creator of “swag” by LeBron James, Flair’s first-class lifestyle has been mimicked by countless impostors, but Naitch never had to force it. He was born that way. — K.P.