The 25 greatest mic moments in wrestling history

#6 “Wallowing in the muck of avarice.” — Jake Roberts on April 1, 1990 in WWE

Jake Roberts’ best speeches were often his most sinister — no one delivered a wicked preacher’s sermon better than “The Snake” — but Roberts could be even better in the unfamiliar role of heroic avenger. Positioned against The Million Dollar Man at WrestleMania VI, “The Snake” used his venomous tongue to send a haunting warning to the wealthy scoundrel before their confrontation.

Taking issue with the way the Million Dollar Champion treated the less fortunate, Roberts vowed that DiBiase would become “a victim of your own greed, wallowing in the muck of avarice.” Did the average 10-year-old have any idea what “the muck of avarice” was? Most 30-year-olds probably didn’t, but there was no missing “The Snake’s” intention. No cheap insults, no bathroom humor, just a gripping message, delivered clearly, passionately and without flaw. That’s exactly how it’s done. — R.M.